The hardware is pretty simple and basically composed by an ESP8266 (ESP12 or ESP12E) controlling 3 MosFet (IRLZ44N N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET) to drive the common anode RGB Led Strip (common +12V, almost all RGB strip are common anode). The board is also equipped with a tiny reset push button and expose GND, RX, TX and GPIO0 PIN to flash the board.

The PCB for this project can be order at dirty pcb, or any other pcb factory by using the provided Gerber file.

The complete eagle schema and board is available on GitHub so feel free you want to make modification/improvement, you can create a merge request to integrate your improvement to the current project.

Required hardware list:

  • 1xESP8266 ESP-12 or ESP-12E
  • 6x10kΩ 0603 resistors
  • 3xIRLZ44N Mosfet
  • 1xDC JACK for power in (cable can be solder directly)
  • 1xMini Push button for the reset (SWITCH-MOMENTARY-2SMD-1101NE)
  • 1×4 pin header for the RGB output (or solder the RGB strip with cable directly to the PCB)
  • 1×XM1584 3A Step Down Module (don’t forget to set it to 3.3v before soldering it to the PCB!! Or at least solder the ESP after setting up the step down module to 3.3v)
  • 1x12V power supply – Choose according to how much RGB led you want to connect + a little bit power for the ESP8266.
  • Common anode RGB Led Strip

You can find the hardware in one of my Ebay collection.