Get some inspiration

Before starting to create an RGB controller from scratch, I’ve searched on Hackadays to see if anything similar had been done till then. I had found a $5 Wifi LED Dimmer w/ ESP8266 from Tom Clement and fork his GitHub project to get started with. It’s a one channel LED dimmer but is very close to the design I needed.

So many thanks to him as I hadn’t to search for the ESP and DC-DC converter footprint in eagle and I reuse part of his design.

The MOSFET and LED strip driving part was greatly inspire by Adafruit RGB LED Strip guide, so thanks Adafruit for their good guide!

  • Phil

    Your project looks really cool.
    What kind of rgb strip do you use?
    Can you also set each led in a different color or just the whole strip in the same color?
    Thanks in advance.

    • rominou1987

      Hi, thanks for the compliment 🙂

      I use a 12V RGB strip with common anode (the most common type, common cathode are pretty rare to come by). I buy them on aliexpress or on ebay when I’m in a hurry to receive it.
      You can take a 30 or 60 led/meters, depending on the brightness you want. 60 led/meters is what I personally use.

      With this project you can only set the whole strip in the same color, to command each led you should have a look at LPD8806 led strip. They are addressable led but the program to control them are way too complex for my liking.